What Does Your Pet Care About?

Posted By Sunshine Pet Hospital Sunshine Pet Hospital on 06-04-2022 3:07 PM
What Does Your Pet Care About?


I have a mini pig, for a pet. They are clean. They use a litter box, like a cat. I named her, Mischief, and she lives up to her name. She likes naps and snacks. She was my friend, from the moment I brought her home. I was going to let her sleep with me, and my husband. My husband, ABSOLUTELY refused to allow that. Said he didn't want it to be said that he slept with a pig. She is easy to clean and as protective as a Rottweiler. I got tickled. The 3rd night we had her, she again wanted to sleep with me, but my husband, wasn't having it. I was “petting” Mischief, kinda trying to see if my husband would let her in the bed, until she went to sleep, then I would put her in her pen, in my closet. Nope. Wasn't happening. I think Mischief knew that she had lost her case. She was squealing and snorting, at my husband. She is, VERY vocal. After a few minutes of telling my husband how she felt about the sleeping situation. My husband told Mischief that she should be mad at me. He told her that I would probably eat a cousin of hers for breakfast. Ham, bacon, sausage, he told her. He tried to convince Mischief that I was the bad guy, but she wasn't listening. My husband found a few of her toys in his work boots a few days after the discussion. I told him that it was Mischief way of letting you know that she was watching you. She can't bark like a dog, but she will run to the door, snorting and squealing, every step of the way. I have a sun roof in my truck. When weather permits, I will open it. Mischief is short, the size of a dachshund, but she tries to put herself situated to put her head out of the hole in the roof. Mischief is VERY social. She will put her head out of the window, like a dog. When someone pulls up beside us, in traffic, or parking, Mischief will, “talk” to the people in the other vehicle. She loves the Oklahoma Sooners football team too!! She likes the Red River Rivalry game, between OU and Texas. You can tell, she doesn't like Texas either. Smartest pig in the world. My husband will let Mischief sit in his lap, sometimes.


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