Unique Pet Care Tips Can You Give

Posted By Sunshine Pet Hospital Sunshine Pet Hospital on 06-04-2022 2:35 PM
Unique Pet Care Tips Can You Give


  1. Cuddle them at least once a day.
  2. Kiss them as many times a day (applicable only if your pet likes it. One of my dog is fussy)
  3. Talk to them daily. You don’t have to talk in a weird baby tone like most of the people do (it comes naturally, actually!). You’ll be amazed at how much they empathize with you. Also, it increases their vocab and they understand your commands better.
  4. Play and cuddle them always when you’re back from work. Remember, you might be tired or had a rough day, but for them you’re their whole world. And they’re very excited to see you, more than humans.
  5. Always find time to do some activity with them.
  6. Take them for daily walks. Brush them regularly and get them checked routinely.
  7. Don’t bail on them if they get old, sick, disabled. Or if you’re moving houses, having a child, or facing a natural calamity. Remember, you’re responsible for their life and they’re your family.
  8. Get them spayed/neutered. Don’t let them roam unsupervised; they are prone to accidents.
  9. Don’t leave them unsupervised with small children. A lot of accidents happen because parents think their pet will never harm their child. What they don’t understand is that the pets can’t talk and if a child does something harmful (for deliberate or accidental reasons; they’re children after all), pets can react. Don’t jump to any conclusion, if something happens. As your children grow old, they’ll understand how to handle animals, but till then be vigilant. Never hit your pet; in most of the cases, it’s children’s fault. They might insert an object in a dog’s ears or eyes that causes them to react.
  10. Above all, love them from the bottom of your heart and NEVER abandon them. Remember, the most cruel thing you can do to an animal is give them hope and take it all away.


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